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Sometimes it isn’t practical – or necessary to see a dentist immediately. Here, Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS offers tips on ways to ease tooth pain without visiting your dentist’s office.

Q: Is clove oil safe for toothache relief?

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: Clove oil is safe as long as it’s not overused. There are some OTC toothache medicines on the market that contain eugenol. Eugenol is the primary chemical in clove oil that helps relieve pain when applied topically. For toothache relief, soak a cotton ball in clove oil and bite down on it with the aching tooth.

Q: Do cough drops contain anesthetics?

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: Many do, yes. Benzocaine is a popular ingredient in cough drops, as is menthol.  Tooth pain may be relieved temporarily by sucking – not biting – on one or two cough drops or sore throat lozenges.

Q: What about pain that seems to come from between the teeth?

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: Sometimes tooth pain is secondary to gum irritation. This may be due to food particles being lodged between teeth. A gentle swish with mouthwash or quick flossing may do the trick here. A word of caution, however: if food is constantly getting stuck between teeth, there could be an issue with the gums and a quick checkup might be indicated.

Q: Is tooth sensitivity a cause for concern?

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: Teeth may be more sensitive to hot or cold after dental procedures or exposure to teeth whitening chemicals. Occasional sensitivity isn’t usually a problem. An over-the -counter toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth might be all that’s needed for relief.

Q: Can swollen gums be treated at home?

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: If it’s in the middle of the night and there’s no other option, an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen may offer some respite. But, dental pain tends to get worse, not better, so persistent pain should be checked out by your dentist.

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